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Driven by energy and passion for film and music, I am a cinematographer and filmmaker based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. After finishing my study early 2014 to become a filmmaker I started out full-time to create and express myself with the use of film, photography and music. Creating compelling images by using light and motion is what I love to do the most.

I am always hunting for new creative and ambitious projects. Don’t hesitate to contact me to collaborate!

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More about Twan

Although I have always had a strong desire to create things with my hands, I haven’t always been able to express myself as I do now. Growing up with a tough youth, it was not until the start of my twenties that I started to stop blocking my authentic self and be able to finally start expressing my desires and ambitions.

With the aid of self-help books, internet articles, personal trainers, the support of my friends and family and a strong drive to reveal my authentic self I’ve experienced a tremendous personal growth in the past two years and I’m learning switfly to express my desires to create and express myself in many different ways.

With all my creative work I force myself to open my heart and use my creative drive to create art that directly reflects me as a person, whether it is placing lights on a filmset, operating the camera, playing the piano, dancing when going out or singing in my shower. (sorry neighbors!) My goal in every production is to use my own unique personal drive to create something beautiful and worthwhile making.

Although I have changed radically in a relative short period of my life, my journey is not over yet – in fact, it is just starting. I will always keep on improving my creative and technical skills to express myself, trying to surpass my own personal boundaries of that I am aware of. I will take every opportunity that is necessary to reach my goals and realize my dreams that I am passionate about.

My future goals are to see as much of the beauty in the world as possible, meet inspiring people from all over the world and share my perspective on all my experiences by creating films and music. With my work and experience I would like to support and inspire others to start a personal revolution and find their authentic selves, so that they can also express their unique creative drive in their own way. Like Thomas Edison once said: “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”