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  • Synerlogic

    Synerlogic develops, produces and distributes a large rand of ingredients and additives for the food industry.

    This film was made for the 110th anniversary of Synerlogic. It's a story about a young lad, growing up on a Dutch farm.

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  • Made in Nijmegen

    'Made in Nijmegen' is a new initiative that offers artists in the region of the city Nijmegen a platform to sell their work on.

    I made this experimental launch film, which was ...

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  • Handelskade Nijmegen

    I made this promotional film for the 'Handelskade' in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The goal of this film was to attract new residents to the Handelskade, a complex that is currently being build.

    The film went viral in Nijmegen after...

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  • Radboud University Nijmegen

    A series of promotional video's for the Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

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  • De Drempel

    When a group of hermits discover that one of their forum-members went missing, they decide meet up in real-life and look for the missing hermit.

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  • The Darkest Dance

    "The Darkest Dance" is a short film about a broken man that seeks closure by hiring a detective to solve his case.

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  • Fontys School of Arts

    OddOne Motion Graphics approached me to help film a promotional video for 14 different education streams of the Fontys School of Arts.

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  • Make-up your mind

    Make-up your mind is a short movie about a young student who is obsessed with her appearance and altering it.

    With a small crew, a mere 1500 euro budget and a lot of energy, director Dominique Vermaas and I went from concept to completion in 16 weeks.

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