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“The norm of the vagina is influenced by culture and varies widely. We can argue, that the way society sees and deals with the vagina is a reflection of female sexual freedom within said society.

Many interviews were taken with youth, men and women of different ethnicities and ages. The personal conversations that frequently arose during the interviews clarify the many uncertainties and discomforts around this topic. A Turkish girl for example indicated how she feels deviated from the norm because her vulva has no light pink color.

To compare the opinions with facts, talking to gynecologists was very valuable. To portray the diversity of the vagina and the reconstructions done to it, Viva la Vulva covers topics such as the hymen reconstruction, female genital mutilation, the designer pussy and labiapulling.

Viva la Vulva is used as a education material, to achieve clarification on the various norms, beauty ideals, myths and taboos. Besides that the movie generates a sense of appreciation for the way the female body works and looks in her natural form.”


Director & art director: Liz van den Berg

Cinematography & grading: Twan Peeters

Assistant Director: Mark Wallaard
Set Photography: NAIKO
Make-up: Nina van Bloois
Models: Jaleesa Ischers, Eda Kayapinar
Editor: Sven Peetoom
Sound Design: Benjamin Braasem