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Human Nature

Feature Fiction – 2022

Sophie (30) decides to hike 500 kilometers through the Arctic region of Norway. She wants to get away from the pressure of everyday life. Her family doesn’t seem to understand her desire to go be by herself.

Director: Bart Schrijver
Producer: Tuesday Studio

The Little Pianist

Narrative – 2020

1944 | Boy – a 9 year old boy with autism hears an exciting musical rhythm in the spectacular explosions of German missiles near the Dutch seaside. His father however, is filled with fear of his son’s life and incapable of understanding his sons musical ambitions.

Director: Raimond van Soest
Producer: Barbara Teulings


Narrative – 2020

A dark surrealistic tale on the grief of a mother during WWII.

Director: Matthias Hoekman
Producer: Hoekman Brothers



Living under the shadow of her father and coach, a BMX rider strives for recognition at the world championship but she first needs to overcome a dark incident from her past.

Director: Raphael Biss
Producer: Said Englund

The Wanderer


London is a city of sleepwalkers, drifters. However, running against the tide is the Wanderer. A modern city spirit, constantly on the run in hope of real human connection. 

Director: Lian Meng Rose
Producer: Leah Jones, Lara Kristjansdottir, Tian Boyce

No Man Is An Island

Narrative – 2019

When George finds out that there will be a major D-day commemoration in Normandy, all he wants is to escape the nursing home he lives in to pay homage to his fallen brothers.

Director: Emily May Smith
Producer: Jamie MacDonald

The Quiet Event

Video Installation – 2017

Three different storylines featuring three family members during a single event. When a heavy storm is coming the Mother, Father and Son are confronted with their own inner worlds.

Director: Wietske de Klerk
Production: Netherlands Film Academy (AHK)


Narrative – 2016

This film is set in the near future and tells the story of the clone of the 26 year old tyran Jimmy. Jimmy’s clone is tired to clean up the mess for Jimmy and to be treated as a slave. The question is, are clones actually safe?

Director: Eddie Bimmel


The Daydreamers

Documentary – 2020

What if you’re addicted to your own fantasy? The Daydreamers explores Maladaptive Daydreaming, a condition discovered by professor Eli Somer. Protagonists Agatha and Jessica meet Somer on-camera, providing a moving testimony of their experience living life cut off from reality. 

Director: Thomas Renckens
Producer: Said Englund


Something Borrowed

Animation Short – 2020

Pen to paper, a sweet old woman (Jane Horrocks) can’t find the right words. But when she lends her pen to a hopeless young chap, it’s more than just words that elude her.

Director: Micky Wozny
Producer: Andrew St. Maur

Minding the Clouds (2019)
Director: Michele Vicenti
Viva la Vulva (2016)
Director: Liz van den Berg
Roald Dahl (2020)
Director: Angelo Cerisara

About Twan

Cinematographer based in London & Amsterdam, trained at NFTS.

I feel films have the power to inspire people, empower them and plant seeds for a more compassionate world. Filmmaking is so powerful, and I’m always looking for stories that allow me to create this world that deeply connects with you as a human being. 

Alongside my work as a filmmaker I play the piano, participate in activism, shoot & develop analog film and I am part of Wake Up London –  a meditation community that focusses on teaching people how to take care of themselves so they can take care of the world. I am a calm person and good listener. Feel don’t hesitate to reach out, so we can have a coffee!

Industry Focus:  Narrative, Documentary, Music Videos

Portrait by Evert van Moort ©

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